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How We Help You

STEP 1: Getting to Know You

We get on the phone and listen to what your situation is right now. Listening and then asking questions allows us to understand what you are going through and how we can best help you.  Let us help you now.

STEP 2: Create a Plan

Together we create a plan. We walk through the next step to help reduce your stress and into a solution. You see, every situation is different. That's why we don't have a one-size-fits-all plan. In listening and understanding your situation we promise to find the best possible solution to your unique situation. It may be messy and hard but we will be with you all the way no matter what.

STEP 3: Work the Plan

As we work through the plan together, we laugh with you, cry with you, and celebrate every win along the way.  You're not "just a client" you become our friend.

STEP 4: Celebrate & Enjoy Life

You've completed the short or long journey of the best possible outcome for your unique situation.  You've shed the stress and anxiety and are one the other side of living your life and looking forward to the future.

Client Success Stories

Solved my problems and got $100,000 more than expected!

I inherited a property that required Probate & Court Approval. The John Allan Group Probate Attorneys were great and handled the matter very professionally. The John Allan Group Real estate Division stopped a Trustee sale, reinstated my loan, sold the property for all cash, and helped me relocate as well as obtaining $100,000 more than what I was originally offered prior to using the John Allan group. Thank you!

Melody from Lancaster

My Success Story

The John Allan Group gave me very fast, expert legal advice & real estate protection when I was close to a Trustee Sale during Covid Pandemic. They not only sold my property for all cash during the Covid Pandemic, but I also got over $250,000, they re-located & moved me to my new home. I recommend The John Allan Group

Robert from Duarte

We operate differently

We educate and help you with a plan for free. 
Are you struggling with understanding what is available to help you keep your home now and after the government programs end? Taking action now gives you the most possibilities for a happy after-pandemic solution. 

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